Statement on Trump's "Zero Tolerance" and indefinite detention immigration policy

Please click HERE to see my Op-Ed piece in the Huffington Post, published on Sunday, July 8, "Trump's Indefinite Family Detention is Cruel - Just ask Japanese Americans."

This was inspired by an article forwarded to the Japanese American Confinement Sites (JACS) listserv about the Trump Administration's proposal to use the ROHWER concentration camp site as a detention center for the overflow of immigrant children and their families. Vivienne Schiffer, who grew up near Rohwer (and who made an excellent film, "Relocation, Arkansas: Aftermath of Incarceration" featuring her extraordinary mother, Rosalie Gould who has fought to preserve the Rohwer concentration camp as a cautionary lesson) notes that the proposed detention center is not 5 miles from Rohwer, it is within the site's borders.

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