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Film Educational Package Options


K-12/Community Colleges
/Public Library


Higher Education


Non-profit organization

DVD Option

  • 56-minute feature film – Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice with closed captions in English and Spanish language subtitles

  • Seven “extras” – special bonus  short films

    • Redress: Minoru Yasui and the National Redress Movement

    • Coram Nobis: Reopening of WWII legal cases

    • Student Video Letter to President Obama supporting nomination of Minoru Yasui for a Medal of Freedom

    • Minoru Yasui Day March, March 28, 2016 in Portland, OR

    • Yuka Leaves Camp to get a better education, and “History Repeats Itself”

    • Maija Yasui Interview: Hood River, Immigration and the Yasui family today

    • Citizen Min by Mike Goldfein and Ken Fell, KUTV-Salt Lake City, 1983  

Digital Option (Hosted on for streaming and/or download)              

  • All of the above plus 45-minute version of the feature film for shorter classes

  • Additional bonus short films

    • full version of President Obama presenting Medal of Freedom to Minoru Yasui

    • IN HIS OWN WORDS: full version of Min Yasui speaking at the Minidoka Pilgrimage; Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians (CWRIC) hearing in Washington, D.C.; excerpt from an interview with Minoru Yasui in 1983.


Educational Use License

  • Both film options include an educational use license agreement that give the licensee unlimited access to the film and supplementary materials for educational purposes.  

Online Resources

  • Never Give Up! Student Study Guide and Worksheet

  • Historical and Legal Documents

  • Unpublished Documents by Minoru Yasui and Barbara BellusUpp


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