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“From the standpoint of history I think I'd like to have the American people realize that when you subjugate, when you suppress or oppress any group of people, you are really derogating the rights of all people … If there is suffering or pain that is unfairly imposed upon anyone it's my duty, it’s your duty to try to alleviate it because that's the way in which we gain a better life for all of us.”          

- Minoru Yasui

Educational Outreach

We feel it is important that students learn about and understand the World War II experiences of Japanese Americans in order to not repeat the errors of the past. Therefore we offer to libraries, museums, schools the following opportunities. Thanks to the Spirit Mountain Community Foundation, we are initiating an Educational Outreach program in the fall of 2017 with Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice.

Film Screening & Discussion


Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice runs 57 minutes and is available to educational institutions such as public libraries, museums, schools and individual teachers in downloadable .mp4,  on DVD and/or in streaming format.


A post-screening panel can enable the audience to respond personally and interact with others in regard to issues raised in the film such as immigration, discrimination based on race or national origin, racial or religious profiling, wartime hysteria, and national security. The panel may be drawn from local community members and the Oregon Nikkei Endowment Speakers Bureau who are well-versed in the material.


Outside of Oregon, experienced speakers, including the director who lives in Mexico, can teleconference to any location that can install a computer-based internet distance-learning system for panel discussions and Question-and-Answer sessions.

Study Groups and Resources

Ongoing study groups are also encouraged. Librarians can facilitate these groups utilizing research and study materials they already have in their collections and through inter-libarary loan; plus those that they can order from the Min Yasui Legacy Project, including a copy of the film and a resource guide including information about: 

- films 
- books 
- internet archives

- legal and historical documents

- unpublished manuscripts

Middle School teacher workshops

We can provide a 2-3 hour middle-school teachers’ workshop based on curricula developed by dedicated educators: Minoru Yasui: Roots to Results, by Sarah Segal, Hood River Middle School, a place-based lesson plans focusing on Minoru Yasui and the World War II Japanese American experience; and Beyond the Oregon Trail: Oregon's Untold History, which includes a broad range of multicultural learning activities that are applicable for students in any state.


Though these curricula were developed in Oregon, they can be adapted to classrooms in any state.